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Pdf Free Orthographic Drawings. IDE 698 My Interactive Contents. 14 item. My Interactive Contents. Orthographic Drawings. IDE 684 My Interactive Contents. 14 item.Q: How to change default behaviour of OSX Finder? I have a feeling it's not that uncommon, but I can't find a way to change Finder's default behaviour when viewing a folder. I don't mean the way Finder shows the contents of the folder (the list of files and folders) but rather the way it opens the folder. Finder opens the folder from the left side of the window (not the right one) and it only shows the top level, everything is hidden. When I click on the top level folder, Finder shows the contents of the folder. I have a hard time not seeing these "problems" as features. The situation is the following: I'm using OSX, and the number of folders in my home folder is big, and growing. I use XMarks to organise them. It uses icons in the folder. So, the file paths are almost always the same (even if they're a little bit longer). Now, I'm always opening the folder by double clicking on it. I've started doing it since I first learned how to use Macs, and I must say that I like this way of browsing files. But, I'm always wondering if I'm missing something, if I'm wasting time by not "reading" all the folders, if there are better ways to use Finder. I know I can still browse the folders by pressing Command + W, but I don't like this way (plus it doesn't really save time, right?). And in some cases, I can't open the folder with the path, since it's a short and/or complex one (e.g.: the Xmarks folder). So, my question is: what is your experience, and what is your preferred way to browse your files? Is there any application that's better than Finder in this case? A: This doesn't seem to be a default behaviour of Finder, so I can't give a proper solution. My instinct is that what you want to do might be a misuse of the OS X Finder. It's just me, but I usually open folders like: All icons + Name: Command+O Shortcuts: Shift+Command+O Name: Apple+K Name: File or Folder



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